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Understanding Bio-Individuality

And what it means for your journey

Hello again! We’re so pleased that you’re here. Wherever you are in your health and wellness journey, please take a moment to give yourself a bit of well-earned recognition!

If you’ve had a 1:1 health coaching or nutritional counseling session with me, you’ll certainly be familiar with the concept of Bio-Individuality. I’m not sure how many times a session I verbalize “Bio Individuality,” but it’s definitely a lot! Why? Because it completely defines our approach to health and wellness.

Bio Individuality is the simple idea (truly!) that each of us has completely unique and personal food and lifestyle needs and requirements.

No food philosophy or fad diet can produce the same cookie-cutter results for everyone.

Understanding Bio-Individuality has the capacity to be transformative. Really! As individuals dive deeper and deeper into their personal lifestyle needs and gain a little bit more insight into what makes them unique, they begin to understand their Bio-Individuality. What is allowing your body to operate at optimal levels? What is slowing you down? This intimate understanding is the foundation of Bio-Individuality.

Everyone still with me?

One persons food is another person’s poison.

Popular, generalized health recommendations don’t always work for everyone across the board; therefore, people need to focus on their own unique Bio-Individuality to find what works best for them. We’re all different and we require individual nutritional and fitness requirements based on personal tastes, intuitions, ancestry, body shape, blood type, metabolic rates, etc. One size nutrition plan or workout really does not fit all.

Bio-Individuality is a fundamental practice that we at Elevate Vision use with our clients. Before your first health coaching or nutrition counseling session, we conduct a health history review. It’s crucial for us to completely understand our client’s lifestyle, ancestry, blood type, food routines, relationship with food, etc. etc. As we continue to work together, we’ll learn what works best for your specific lifestyle needs and preferences. Together, we’ll better understand your unique Bio-Individuality.

Bio-Individuality is a journey of self discovery.

If you’re just beginning your journey, I advise you to go slow. Listen to that little voice inside. Become friends with him/her. Your body speaks to you and it’s important that you learn how to conscientiously listen.

To get in sync with your physical body and mental state, you need to innately and honestly understand your lifestyle habits. Be willing to experiment and see what foods and workouts work best for you. It may not be the same as your workout buddy, mother or your children. Be patient. Trust yourself and trust the process. Stay close to your support network. We all want to see you succeed and become the best version of yourself.

For those of you that want to dive a little deeper into the fascinating realm of Bio-Individuality, we've pulled together a few more tips. First and foremost: always remember to slow down and take a deep breathe. Maybe 3-5 deep breaths. Take a look at your daily habits. When are you hungry? Tired? Grouchy and lethargic? Energized and at your best? Focussed and happy? Pay attention to your patterns of behavior and your mood cycles - both positive and negative. How are these patterns affecting your overall health and wellness? Maybe begin a journal - whatever works best for you.

Some additional factors to consider are your job, geographic area, resources, body type, age, culture. How do these impact your overall health and wellness? Any particular stresses that come to mind? How do whole foods and processed foods affect me? How do I feel when I get enough water? Not enough?

Understanding your Bio-Individuality takes time, but it’s completely manageable. Remember: One persons food is another person’s poison. What works for your friend may not work for you. Of course it’s only natural to feel discouraged when you’re not achieving the results that you’re after. But when you really begin to hone in and understand what makes you feel at your best, then you can adjust your workouts, nutrition and wellness routines to accommodate.

Bear in mind that this is a personal exploration on the road to self discovery. If you’d like any more guidance or have additional questions, please leave us a comment below.

Kudos to you for being conscientious enough to know your body is asking with you.

Remember, we’re here for you! Together strong!

In Love and Light,

Denise Chavez & The Elevate Vision Team


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