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Body Composition Analysis 101: An Introduction

I’d love to welcome you to the world of Body Composition Analysis! Wherever you find yourself on your health and wellness journey, if you want to fully and completely understand your health, advanced analysis is essential.

My name is Denise and I’m the founder of Elevate Vision. Welcome to our community!

When you’re so immersed within the industry, it’s sometimes easy to forget that not everyone fundamentally understands the basics of Body Composition. With that said, it seemed rather obvious for Body Composition Analysis 101 to feature as our inaugural blog post! We hope it’s a helpful read for you. If you still have questions, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you!

Body Composition Analysis is certainly becoming more and more recognized because the technology is so much more accessible. For us at Elevate Vision, Body Composition Analysis is a crucial starting point when designing individualized health and wellness plans. In addition, having a working knowledge of your Body Composition can certainly complement your fitness and exercise goals and routine. Have any of you had your Body Composition measured before?

So, what exactly is Body Composition Analysis?

I’ll do my best to break it down piece by piece. By definition, your Body Composition is used to describe the percentages of fat, bone (minerals), water and muscle (protein) in your body. Essentially, Body Composition Analysis gives you an in-depth understanding of what you’re made of - on the inside. We’re “looking under the hood” (of your body) to understand and interpret what areas you need to work on to achieve a balanced and healthy body composition.

This is so important because the more balanced your body composition, the better you’ll look and feel. Now, it may certainly seem like an intimidating prospect - but fear is but a precursor to valor! Without knowing what you’re actually made of, you’re only able to guess at how much muscle and body fat you have. At Elevate Vision, we’ve aligned with InBody USA as their award-winning BIA (bioelectrical impedance) Body Composition analyzers are easy, quick and precise. We can’t wait for you to give us a try.

Now, let’s briefly touch a bit more in-depth on the science behind it. If you still have questions please send us an email or simply ask during your initial scan! Taken from directly from, “Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) works by sending a small electrical current into a person and measuring the opposition of that current (impedance) as it travels throughout the body’s water. Once impedance is measured, body composition is calculated.”

45 seconds later, your individual results will be ready.

You’ll notice that we are measuring your own unique body compositions. No two results are alike!

As it relates to Body Composition, your InBody Results Sheet will feature:

  • Muscle-fat analysis

  • Obesity analysis

  • Segmental lean analysis

  • The ratio of extracellular water to total body water

  • Visceral fat levels

  • Results interoperation outputs

Within these categories, you’ll receive over 20 outputs specific to your body on your InBody Result Sheet. All your personal data will also be available on the InBody app should you choose to download it. We love the InBody app as it enables you continuously track your progress and results overtime. Following your scan, I’ll take 10-15 minutes to walk you through your results. For your first scan, we provide a free 50 minute health history consult after going over your results - for those of you that are interested.

“Our core philosophy: what gets measured, gets managed.”

Preservation vs. development; stasis vs. growth. We want to equip you with the knowledge and understanding required on your journey to becoming the ultimate you! When you can tangibly, easily and accurately measure your individual Body Composition, you can then begin to manage your growth and progress. Sounds good, right? Your InBody Result Sheet provides easy-to-understand measurements that we can together track over time to qualify whether or not your nutritional, fitness and weight wellness goals are on target.

We understand how discouraging and intimidating it can be to some to purely measure body weight. Especially for some of us that might be overweight.

Without having an intimate understanding of what you’re actually made of and how your body is changing and progressing, you aren’t able to adequately measure and manage your muscle and body fat (amongst other things). It’s quite a natural response to quit when you become indifferent and frustrated by not seeing immediate results. Now, let’s agree that motivation is an intrinsic drive that comes from within. We offer our seasoned experience, nonjudgmental guidance and support to help you achieve your goals, but it’s up to you to be ready to make a lifestyle change.

I’ve personally found Body Composition Analysis it to be an exceptionally useful and motivating tool for clients. Some may begin to see shifts and changes in their Body Composition - even before they see weight loss on the scale. Let me elaborate: your body weight number may not always shift even after unwanted fat has been released. So frustrating! However, your InBody Result Sheet may very well show an increase in healthy muscle mass to explain the shift. Traditional methods of measuring do not always provide this level of valuable health information and detail.

Just in case you’re wondering - The InBody 570 is safe for everyone!

Adults, children and even women who are pregnant. It is fast, non-invasive, pain-free, and simple to use. We’re here to help you be proactive about your health and take steps to ensure that your organs are functioning optimally.

In general, we recommend that you check your Body Composition 4x/calendar year if you’re looking for consistency in tracking body measurement.

Are you ready to join the Body Composition movement?

By learning more about our Body Composition, we can all help combat the rising epidemics of obesity, diabetes and poor health. There’s certainly other ways to measure Body Composition, but at Elevate Vision, we’ll be using our scientifically tried and true InBody 570. The data collected will be used to create a personalized health plan tailored to your body’s specific and unique needs. Remember: what gets measured, gets managed.

If you’d like to learn even more about the InBody 570 and Body Composition analysis, we invite you to head over to If you have any questions you’d like to ask me or the wider team, please send us an email or comment below!

From your Body Composition education, you can really kickstart your health journey by enrolling in our coaching sessions and scheduling regular analysis to consistently track your measurements.

See what you’re made of! If not now - when?

In Love and Light,

Denise Chavez & The Elevate Vision Team


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