PhD Clinical/Community Psychology, MPH – Masters in Public Health, MFCC, Marriage, Family and Child Counseling About Ester: Ester has been working with underserved communities for nearly 40 years. 30 of those years has also included working as an executive for non-profit organizations. Her early clinical career focused on specializing in childhood and adolescent trauma. Frustrated with traditional therapy modalities, Ester began to work in the areas of prevention and community programming. She has developed high-risk youth programs, worked in the non-profit community development housing and currently works for the UFW Foundation. Ester is a Lupus survivor – having been diagnosed at the age of 30, she has been beating this disease for nearly 30 years through her nutrition, exercise program and overall healthy lifestyle.


Despite having a double knee replacement, Ester enjoys Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing), weight training and interval cardio training.



Garrett is a movement therapist who specializes in mobility and fascial stretch therapy. He helps people reduce pain, restore and improve their natural movement pathways and mitigate the possibility of future injuries. Garrett’s training style is very diverse. He believes that variety is the spice of life, and the key to developing a fit, well-rounded body. Therefore, he places equal emphasis on: strength, mobility, power, and endurance in both his own training program as well as his clients’.


Garret is a stud trainer and hunky as can be!  Married with a dog. Garrett is currently a trainer at Olympix Fitness Long Beach, CA.

Leo is a certified fitness instructor that specializes in TRX and Spinning. But he’s really a Leo of all trades! Outside of health and wellness coaching, Leo is also a restaurant owner, photographer and commercial pilot! At 55, he’s keeping busy and staying physically fit.


Leo also has two daughters that he absolutely adores!

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