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My personal mission is to enrich lives through personal interaction.


Welcome to Elevate Vision

I am here for one reason: to bring out the very best in you. As your integrative Health Coach, I will use my professional training, experienced insight and positive energy in order to elevate every aspect of your life. I offer a variety of coaching packages - you do not have to be in Long Beach to work with me! Wherever you might be, we’ll be able to connect.

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Show me who you are today and I will show you who you can be tomorrow.

I was born and raised in Ventura County, California.


I graduated with a BS in Business Management from Cal State University Long Beach. After graduation, I quickly accepted the opportunity to hone my business and marketing talents as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. I quickly rose through the ranks and was even named one of the top 500 rising stars within the global organization. Today, it’s easy to reminisce with rose colored glasses - I was at the top of my game! I had financial success, a booming social life - all the boxes were ticked. But in fact, I was deeply depressed. I know I’m not the only one who feels like this. Perhaps you know the feelings of hopelessness and feeling stuck? Wanting to change but not knowing how? It wasn’t easy to initially admit and come to terms with my depression, but I knew something had to change.


The un-expected result was a total and complete transformation and journey of self discovery. I got a new job. I lost 45 pounds. And I found myself.

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I’m not here to tell you it was easy and painless. The path to becoming your greatest self requires courage - a great, almost superhuman amount of courage. Personally, I believe this is something that we all innately possess. Sometimes all we need is someone to give us a leg up - and that’s what I’m here to do. Together, with a lot of hard work—sweaty, disciplined hard work - we can do this. I will stand by your side and hold you accountable; I’ll keep you on track, at the level of commitment that is right for you. You are special and unique. Tell me your desires and we will set your personal goals. I am here to support you at every step. I believe in you. I understand what you’re going through because I’ve been there. Let’s do this!


I’m not only certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a concentration in

weight loss, but I’m also an ambassador for InBody USA specializing in Body Composition testing. I have completed advanced in-depth personal development and leadership programs with Landmark Forum and Elevate Leadership Practice. I’ve recently - at 50 years young (!) - competed in an NPC (National Physique Committee) fitness competition. As a self-proclaimed forever athlete, I’m also a certified advanced padi diver. I can’t wait to work with you!


With love and light, 

Denise Chavez



Lover of Family & Friends, Sea, Sand, Trees, Animals, Heavy Weights, Cuddly Hugs

and Good Food!


READY TO BE THE ULTIMATE YOU?Get in touch with us!

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