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Elevate provides accountability and support with accuracy in body composition readings with their state of the art InBody device along with personalized nutritional solutions that will bring balance to your body. It’s life transformative.

Kim Idio

Grade School Teacher by day, Heavy Lifting Mom by night

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As an actor and television host I must always be camera ready. Elevate’s InBody showed me that weight did not tell the whole story. I loved that the Elevate community doesn't just stop there! They also give you a nutrition system created just for you. 9 pounds of fat gone for good, no more sugar cravings, plenty of energy. 

Nancy Valen

Actress and Health & Wellness Enthusiast

Working with Elevate has been the most productive, effective, and pleasing time of my life. The process I went through helped me see what was possible and I would not be where I am today without the support of my health coach. I am so thankful and will continue to work with Elevate in order to build a well-rounded lifestyle. I was hooked before the first consultation was even over.   I am thrilled to see what Elevate can do for you!

Madeline Wall

Age 25 Works full time and finishing Masters Program at University of Southern California

With Elevate it was so refreshing to be able to have a whole new experience that enabled me to truly measure my health. Inbody and great nutrition has made it possible for me to find out exactly what my body wants, and it was so much better than dropping a number. I recommend this to anyone who is ready for a lifestyle change and wants to enhance their health.

Bryce Talley

Age 24, Empathetic soul, lover of humankind, and vegan

In 2002 my Lupus flared up and I ended up having 5 months of chemo.  It left me tired overweight with painful joints. Denise brought solutions to get me back on my feet and I was determined to not live my life as a victim of lupus. I got my nutrition on track and went back to working out, something that has always been my therapy. Elevate Vision is a comprehensive program that looks at nutrition and lifestyle individually and crafts a solution that supports you in becoming a healthier version of yourself.  I just turned 62, and I'm living my best life and at my lowest weight and peak shape. 

Ester Cadavid

Age 62, PhD Clinical/Community Psychology, Masters in Public Health, Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Deciding to make a choose to feel and be healthier before turning 40 was a major challenge. But after only 6 weeks I am feeling empowered with the support of Elevate. Using only the latest technology and super foods I've transformed my relationships with food and exercise. Thanks Elevate. 

Oscar Vasquez

Age 42, Stylist and founder of "The Studio O"


Turning 53 this year really incentivized me to get into shape. With the support of Elevate I am utilizing nutrition and exercise to achieve my goals of losing the stubborn visceral belly fat. For me controlling my food habits is always a challenge, but Elevate helps keep me in check.

Robert Gitterman

My experience with Elevate Vision changed my life and outlook on health and wellness. I understand what my body is made of and how nutrition plays a vital role. It’s as if got a new lease on life. Thank you Denise for sharing your passion! If you’re reading this and you’re looking for solutions - look no longer.

Colleen Chamberlin

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